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Trends in outdoor spaces shape Triad residents’ yard 

By Danielle Jackson, Triad Living Magazine

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Creating outdoor spaces is nothing like it used to be. What formerly passed for acceptable no longer is the case for many of today’s homeowners, who increasingly want aesthetic and functional spaces for their yards. They want an outdoor grill next to a fully stocked refrigerator, an outdoor pond that creates a relaxing feel or a fountain that adds to the overall aesthetic. They want materials of lasting quality. In other words, they want a high-quality, high-functioning outdoor space to call their own.

Fortunately, they have a lot of help in area businesses that are specifically designed to help them achieve the looks they want.

Take Jeff Allen Landscape Architecture LLC, or JALA, in Kernersville as an example. The company works with clients in guiding them through the design phase of their projects, aiding in the selection of materials and contractors to pull it all together. The business is more involved with the design side of things, using master planning to develop comprehensive plans that take into account every aspect of an outdoor space.

“We guide our clients through the process: we help navigate, negotiate and document,” says Jeff Allen, the company’s principal. “It’s beneficial for a lot of clients who are not familiar with everything that goes into outdoor landscape or where they should begin.”